You can't see what you don't look at.

From the research, we know that Black and Brown students are at a much higher risk of receiving exclusionary discipline in comparison to their White classmates. In addition, school discrimination complaints have been on the rise and our current administration is signaling that they will be devoting fewer resources to these types of issues. Now more than ever it is vital that transparent, data-based accountability systems are in place to clearly identify the invalidations and missed opportunities that children of color experience due to structural blind spots that exist in our public eduction system. 

The reality is that most schools do not mean any ill will toward Black and Brown children. However, just like when someone hits another car while driving, due to the driver’s blind spot, the car that has been hit is [still] hurt. Our nation’s unresolved historical legacies, mixed with the idea of a post-racial society, have caused structural blind spots that permeate across every social structure in our country.

The long-term goal of Discriminology is to be the go-to, online platform, designed to make Black and Brown families more aware that folks have blind spots around race, so that they can better navigate and assist those drivers, and to make those drivers with blind spots more aware that blind spots exist, are dangerous and what steps to take to address those blind spots.