School Equity Profiles

Discriminology school equity profiles make it easy to find, rate and discuss information on how equitable and fair a school is and see how it compares to others.

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Actionable intelligence

At the top of each school’s equity profile are 4 action items that enable members to either rate their school, start a discussion, take a survey and/or file a complaint. These action items represent key takeaways from over a 100 different focus groups, interviews and conversations with Black and Brown families.

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Adding context to school data

Using the most recent data available (i.e., 2015-2016), Discriminology school equity profiles put the details of educational data into context to help communities gain deeper insights so that they can better understand and use school data.

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Asking the right questions

Discriminology school equity profiles allow communities to rate their school in 10 different equity informed categories. These categoies are based on research principles from developmental psychology, culturally responsive pedagogy, and critical race theory. We are continuously working with our expanding network of community partners to ensure that our equity categories best reflect the educational needs and concerns of Black and Brown families.



Simplifying communication and elevating voices

Discriminology helps to create alignment and understanding within communities by providing an interactive space for sharing ideas, content or research directly on a schools equity profile.

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Smart, secure & social

Security First

Discriminology uses a serverless, highly scalable, low cost enterprise grade data warehouse designed to keep all data secure, clean, and organized.

Progression System

Discriminology’s innovative Progression System uses Justice Points (JP) to track the growth of its members. These points will be used to earn badges, enter contest and compete for justice glory on live leaderboards.

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Simple & powerful search

Equity Filters

Discriminology’s growing set of educational equity filters allow users to customize their search by student subgroups, such as race with gender and with disability status.

Intuitive Design

Built with our end user in mind, Discriminology maps and filter sets were designed to put relevant information upfront so that families can easily find what their looking for.