Frequently Asked Questions


What is Discriminology?

Discriminology is a Black-owned and operated technology-based non-profit that works with community organizations to build and refine scalable technologies that enhance the capacity of families in holding their local schools accountable.

What are Discriminology school accountability report cards?

Discriminology's school accountability report cards combine both publicly available and crowdsourced data on how a school is performing in 4 broad categories.

  • Exclusionary Discipline

  • Instruction Time Lost

  • Strategies for promoting equitable learning environements

  • Number of social workers and other mental health staff vs. number of law enforcement and security guards

These categories are further supplemented with a community forum on the bottom of each school’s report card. The forum allows members to post, share, like, and upload information on a school that other members might find helpful.

Learn more about how to get started finding and sharing information about your local schools.

Where does your data come from?

The data we use for calculating each school’s out-of-school suspension ratios and rates as well as instruction time lost per 100 students and other school information comes from The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) 2015-2016 school year data set. Click here to learn more about the OCR and their data collection methods.

We also collect reviews and survey responses from Discriminology members. In addition, each school has a set of research-based strategies for promoting equitable learning environments that our members rate their school on.

Click on each strategy below to learn more.

  1. Mindful Discipline

  2. Teacher Diversity

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Relationship Building

  5. Identity Development

  6. Attend to Root Causes

  7. Culturally Responsive

  8. Nutrition/Food

  9. Build on Strengths

  10. Trust & Respect

What can parents do with the tool (i.e., Discriminology school report cards)?

Parents can use Discriminology school report cards to find relevant information about their child’s school, specifically how students of color are treated in comparison to their white classmates. Furthermore, our school report cards use the most recent data available from the Department of Education to visualize in a parent-friendly way, the disproportionate burden that exclusionary discipline and other discriminatory policies have on Black and Brown students.

There are also multiple ways for parents to engage with and start conversations about the information they find. Directly on a schools report card members can:

  • Anonymously report unfair suspensions or other activity

  • File a discriminatory complaint to the OCR

  • Rate their school in 10 different equity informed categories

  • Engage directly with school leaders

  • Ask questions or upload important information so that other members can have access to it

  • Share school information with their favorite social media platform

  • Take quick surveys about the overall quality of their child's learning environment