Democratizing Education Data

Measuring Educational Opportunity
Enhancing the capacity of communities to increase high-quality learning opportunities for all children.

At Discriminology, our goal is to utilize data to visualize solutions that pinpoint the causes and symptoms of opportunity gaps within schools and districts. Working with on-the-ground organizers, community organizations and researchers, we are creating a national ecosystem that fosters the growth of a truly equitable public education system.

Our Partners & Supporters

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Data liberation
Our school score cards don’t simply show education data, they tell stories.

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Measuring excellence
We evaluate schools based on fairness, access and opportunity - not test scores!

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Actionable dialogs
Using data to validate the need for change, we accelerate community sensemaking.

Equity Scorecards

We visualize equity data in the form of comprehensive school, district and state ratings and scorecards that evaluate schools across three broad domains: Discipline, Special Education and Gifted Identification.

Crowdsourcing Equity

In partnership with community organizations, we train families to use our data platform to report incidents of racial hate and bias against children of color, at both the school and district level.