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Friends of Discriminology
Join an award winning group of friends, all with one purpose: to increase pathways to educational excellence for Black and Brown children.



What is Friends of Discriminology?

The “Friends of Discriminology”, is a high level / low commitment, advisory group that is made of community and business leaders across multiple sectors who serve as counsel to our Founder and CEO, Board Chair, and Discriminology Board of Directors.


What we do.

Discriminology is an award winning, Black owned, national non-profit.

We increase parent, educator and community understanding of educational equity issues through interactive online school report cards and surveys, that are informed by the needs of Black and Brown families and their communities.

What you do.

  • Taking a call from our founder and/or the Board Chair once a quarter to give advice and/or make a connection to a funder or industry partner if you’re willing.
  • Participate in 1-2 “Friends of Discriminology” virtual meetings.
  • Follow at least one of our social media accounts, we prefer Twitter if you have it.

If interest is expressed and we and you like where our relationship is headed, we would extend an invitation to join our Board of Directors—which is a much bigger commitment.

Become a Friend.

Is this something you’re interested in? If so, simply reply to our invitation to join saying you’re in and we’ll follow up with how to get started.

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