Why Discriminology

More than 60 years after the United States Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to send African-American students to separate & unequal schools; we still have an education system that continues to dramatically disadvantage minority children, families and their communities. As an organization, we seek to address the achievement and opportunity gaps that are a product of systemic and historic racial inequity. Schools are plagued by the same levels of segregation and resource disparity as present in the 1970s. They receive teachers that lack gender and ethnic diversity and are also ill prepared to relate to and thus facilitate the learning of a rapidly diversifying student body. Ultimately, schools don’t have a clear picture of the causes and symptoms of equity problems--and parents don’t have a platform from which to mandate equity for their children. The research and data are clear, minority students still don't have equal access to true education and its pushing our children out of schools and into the criminal justice system.