Learn, Find, Protect

Discriminolgy was founded in 2015 to document and publicize the mass racial inequalities that still exist in our public education system. Through the use of investigative reporting, public data portals & innovative social media work, we are empowering communities of color in support of true educational equity for all children.


Correcting Miseducation

The greatest threat to America’s youth is the misinformation they are bombarded with everyday from movies, media outlets and even the very schools they attend. At Discriminology we provide the intellectual ammunition needed to reevaluate this information.

Educational Videos


Identify School Districts With "Significant Disproportionality"

Data collection and analysis, investigative reporting, reviews and surveys help us to identify school districts with significant disproportionality. From the data available, we know that Black students are disproportionately suspended, expelled, and referred to the criminal justice system. The overuse of these punishments and their disproportionate use on students of color are serious problems that we have to address right now.


Leveraging Social Media with Local Community Engagement

We believe that grassroots initiatives and consensus building are the keys to affecting real change. At Discriminology we utilize a multi-tiered petitioning system to enhance the power of your voice. Learn More >>