Tools & Services 

Our tools seek to address three fundamental gaps: an information gap which makes it difficult for stakeholders to properly understand and assess the strengths and weakness within schools and communities as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion; an understanding gap keeps schools disconnected from the communities they serve; and a decision-making gap that prevents communities of color from using their collective voice to effectively and efficiently advocate for the needs of their children.

School Accountability Report Cards

A parent-friendly school accountability tool that incentivizes community engagement and parent advocacy through a racial equity focused school evaluative framework and an innovative membership model. Membership is free and always will be. Learn more >>


Mooji Meter

The Mooji meter is a experience sampling measure (i.e., the Mooji Meter) of students’ classroom-level affect and learning readiness within a socioemotional framework. Learn more >>


Culturally Affirming Climate Survey

In partnership with Village of Wisdom, we are developing a pioneering equity assessment; designed to uncover the effects that different learning environments have on the social, emotional and academic development of children of color. Learn more >>


Racial Equity Matrix

We have created a consortium of the nation's largest charter school funders and educational equity experts to establish an industry-wide equity standard for evaluating new and existing charter schools. Learn more >>