If my child is Black, how likely are they
to be suspended to be expelled to be labeled to drop out ?

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What is a Discriminology rating?

A Discriminology Rating is the first and only standardized scoring model that can be used to identify and rate school districts with "significant disproportionality" in special education placement, gifted talented identification and disciplining of children from any racial or ethnic group at markedly higher or lower rates than their peers.


What makes Discriminology different?

In stark contrast to other K-12 school ratings that use standardized test scores as their foundation, our comprehensive school district ratings and scorecards are based on widely accepted indicators of educational equity. Designed so that any user can have access to reliable, objective and comparable equity data; our composite scores evaluate school districts across three broad domains: Discipline, Special Education and Gifted/Talented Identification.

The Discriminology factor

The Discriminology (Di) factor, for In-school & out-of-school suspensions, measures the rate at which African-American students are disciplined in relation to White students. For example, a Di factor of 2.00 indicates that African-American students in a particular school district are 2 times (2x) more likely to be suspended/expelled than their White classmates.

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